Train Driver Salary UK 2023 Hourly, Monthly Annual Salary Chart

Take a look at the following sections to know more about the train driver salary in the United Kingdom. It also includes the train driver’s salary per hour. Also, check out how much does a train driver makes per month in the UK. Furthermore, the annual salary of a train driver in the UK has been updated in this article.

Across the UK there are several train drivers. These drivers receive particular pay as their salary. However, these pay or salary tends to be different. Such a difference is created for various reasons. Some of them being the experience of the driver, location of the job, etc.

There are underground train drivers, freight train drivers in the UK that get paid as per their pay scale. Nevertheless, almost every train driver’s salary in the UK comes under a similar salary scale. But, these similarities can be seen in the case of experienced train drivers.

However, for an entry-level train driver, the salary depends upon various factors. It includes the qualification of the driver. Train driver training grades, and more. So, to get the general idea about the salary of a train driver in the United Kingdom you should read the following contents.

Train Driver Hourly, Monthly Annual Salary Chart

The following contents cover the salary details of train drivers in the UK. Starting with the hourly salary of a train driver in the UK. Since our attention is upon the salary of train drivers the monthly pay and annual salary of train drivers in the UK had to be included.

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Train Driver Per Hour Salary UK

It is important to know the base wage of a train driver. Thus, let us see how much does a  train driver earns every hour, or let’s just say the hourly salary of a train driver in the UK. Normally, train drivers work up to 35-hour every week. They are to fulfill their working hours which are spread over 4 or 5 shifts. Train drivers in the UK have to work during the weekends, evenings,s and nights.

Every train driver must complete or fulfill their duty hours every week. In return for their service, these train drivers receive an hourly salary. So, for each hour the employing company offers a certain amount of pay as the hourly wage. Now, these wages differ among different companies.

When it comes to the salary of a train driver certain personal factors come into play. Factors such as the experience, qualifications, etc. of the individuals. However, the salary also depends upon the company that employs the train drivers.

Hence, with a different per-hourly salary of train drivers across the UK, we are unable to pinpoint the exact salary. But, with thorough research and study, it was possible to provide the following details. The following pay covers the basic, average, and highest hourly wage in the UK.

  • Minimum Hourly Pay: £ 28.00.
  • Average Hourly Wage: £ 32.oo.
  • Maximum Pay Per Hour: £ 42.00.
Train Driver Salary UK
Train Driver Salary UK

Train Driver Monthly Salary

Now then let’s move on to the monthly salary of a train driver in the United Kingdom. Well, there isn’t much to talk about since we have already mentioned what effect the salary. So you should already know the fact the train drivers in the UK have different salaries.

Train drivers with higher experience will certainly receive higher salary offers from companies. So, a higher hourly wage means a higher monthly salary. And then there are compensations, overtime pay that accumulates to the monthly salary of a train driver.

Since we have already mentioned the hourly wages in our section above, thus it will be easier to calculate the monthly salary. However, like we said that the figures above may not be accurate, similarly the monthly salary given below should be used for information purposes.

  • Minimum Monthly  Pay: £ 3500.00.
  • Average Monthly Salary: £ 4090.oo.
  • Maximum Pay Per Monthly: £ 5376.00.
  • Tesco Payslips

Train Driver Yearly Salary UK

Finally, on to the yearly salary of a train driver in the United Kingdom. With the hourly and monthly payments, it all comes down to the yearly income of a train driver. Every train driver records different pay as their annual salary. For instance, experienced train drivers certainly receive a higher yearly salary. Whereas inexperienced train drivers make less.

Due to the uneven salary of train drivers across different regions of the United Kingdom it’s nearly impossible to mention the exact salary. However, based on the details acquired from various sources, you can now check the appropriate yearly salary.

In this section, we are going to stick with the hourly and monthly salaries we have mentioned above. And based on that pay we can figure out the basic, average and maximum annual train driver salary.  Throughout our study, we found out that the company that employs train drivers dictates their salary.

Private sector railway companies tend to offer higher salaries to experienced train drivers. Hence, in some cases, the annual train drier salary in the UK exceeds £ 80,000.  Hence, to receive a better salary, one must have a desirable qualification with requisite experience.

  • Minimum Monthly  Pay: £ 43,000.00.
  • Average Monthly Salary: £ 49,080.oo.
  • Maximum Pay Per Monthly: £ 64,500.00.

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Those are set to become a train driver in the UK must have several questions which they want to be answered. So, to be as helpful as possible we have included this section with some question and their answers.  Even though these questions may be basic. Hence, for that reason, we have included these questions.

1. How much does a train driver in the UK make?
The salary of a train driver in the United Kingdom depends mostly upon the experience of the individual.  But for an entry-level train driver, the annual salary can get as low as £ 20,000 per year. Still, one may be able to receive better offers from various railway companies.

2. Top 5 cities in the UK with high Train Driver salary?
Below you can check out the list of the cities in the UK which has some of the highest Train driver salaries in the United Kingdom.

3. Top 5 railway companies with highest Train Driver Salary In United Kingdom?
Several railway companies offer employment with an attractive pay scale. The top 5 in our list offer an annual salary of close to 60,000 per year. Here below check out the list of railway companies that offer a high salary.

  1. CrossCountry Trains
  2. Arriva Group
  3. Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR).
  4. Virgin Trains.
  5. East Midlands Trains.

4. What are the responsibilities of a Train Driver
When it comes to Train driver responsibilities and duties there isn’t much you need to be concerned about. However, being a train driver is a responsible profession. A passenger train driver will be responsible for the passengers on board. So, basically, the primary duty of a train driver is to drive the train and follow rules and regulations.

5. How to become a train Driver In UK?
Aspirants can become train drivers in the UK through Apprenticeship or direct entry. For each process individuals first need to fulfill the requirements as stated below.

For Apprenticeship one can apply for an apprenticeship program with any train operating company. However, for this program, you should at least have GCSEs grades 9 to 4 or equivalent, in English and Maths.

For Direct entry, you have to apply for a training program that takes about 12 to 24 to complete. To enroll for such a course GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 in English, and Maths or equivalent are mandatory.

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