Teacher Salary UK Hourly, Monthly Pay, Annual Income

In this article get to know more about the teacher salary in the United Kingdom. Also, check out the latest update on the hourly wage of teachers. Including monthly salary and annual pay of teachers in the UK.

When we talk about the Salary of Teachers in the UK. Well, we cannot come to a specific figure. It is because in the UK the teacher’s salary varies based on the category. This category separates the pay scale of the teachers in the UK.

The teacher’s profession is considered to be one of the noblest jobs one can choose. Being responsible for the upcoming generation it can be one of the toughest professions. Across the UK there are schools and several teachers who are in charge of teaching the students.

Well in terms of the pay scale, teachers’ pay may not be the highest. Still, for those who are concerned about the salary of teachers in the UK they should definitely read this article.

Teacher Salary UK
Teacher Salary in the UK

Furthermore, salary statistics include the salary of junior school teachers, high school teachers. It also includes the salary of headteachers, leading practitioners, assistant teachers, too. Therefore, we hope that you find the following teachers’ salary in the United Kingdom to be useful.

Teacher Salary Hourly Wage In UK

We have come across various hourly wages of teachers across the United Kingdom. So if you want to know the hourly salary then you may not be able to find specific answers. This is mainly due to the different range of salaries of teachers across the UK.

Based on what we found it seems that the salary of teachers in the UK vastly depends upon their category. Therefore, teachers under each category have respective pay scale. However, here readers can check the teacher’s hourly pay in the UK in general.

Here we have mentioned the minimum hourly pay to average and maximum pay a teacher earns in the UK. Therefore, these figures should be able to offer the basic details when it comes to the range of hourly wage of teachers in the UK.

Furthermore, you can check out the details that have been updated according to various sources. However, we suggest our readers use these details for information purposes. Since our goal is to provide necessary information that can be helpful. The following salaries include the entire category of teacher’s pay in the UK.

  • Minimum Hourly Salary:12.08 per hour.
  • Average Teachers Hourly Pay:£29.12 per hour.
  • Maximum Salary per hour: £53.19 hourly.

NOTE: On average teachers are required to work for 47 hours per week. But some exceed their working hours to 60 hours per week. The above hourly wage of teachers is based on the average working hours i.e., 47 hours.

Teacher Salary Per Monthly In UK

When it comes to the salary of teachers one must have concerns about what would be the monthly salary of a teacher in the UK. So, considering the concerns of individuals after the hourly pay we focused upon the monthly payment.

Similar to the hourly pay we see a lot of difference in terms of the monthly salaries of teachers. Now, these differences offer mainly due to the categories of the teacher such as qualified and unqualified teachers.

Among teachers, the headteacher, or a leading practitioner receives higher pay than their colleagues. Still, being a teacher or even at entry-level can provide decent pay. However, job location matters for a teacher.

Job location matters because the pay scale in inner London seems to be higher than around outer London. Similarly, there are other places or cities where teachers have higher pay. But there are cities where teachers receive lower pay respectively.

The exact monthly pay of teachers in the UK cannot be mentioned due to such reasons. But to be of some use this article offers the general monthly pay. Check out the following data on teachers’ monthly salaries in the United Kingdom.

  • Minimum monthly pay:£2,142 monthly.
  • Average salary per month: £5,475 per month.
  • Maximum monthly salary in UK:£10,000 monthly.
  • Payslipview Tesco

Teachers Per Year Salary UK

In terms of the annual salary of teachers across the United Kingdom, there are two basic factors. Such as their hourly and monthly payments which eventually make up their salary per annum. However, some other perks or bonuses also accumulate to their salary.

For each teacher, these perks or bonuses may vary. And there is the pay for overtime, holiday benefits, teachers category that affects the salary. Other programs such as SEN  increases the income of qualified teachers. So, you see various factors come into play.

So with all of these factors that affect the salary nobody other than the employer can specifically mention the exact salary. Hence, the annual salary of teachers in the UK can’t be detailed. Although, we may just be able to provide the range between which the yearly income of teachers in the UK comes under.

The following salary figures include the salaries of a headteacher, leading practitioner, and assistant teachers. So, those in the profession of teaching have the possibility of making the following figures per annum.

  • Minimum Salary Per Annum: £25,714 per year.
  • Average Annual Salary: £77,700 per year.
  • Maximum Yearly Salary: £125,000  per year.

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Readers may have other questions regarding the salary of teachers across the United Kingdom. Therefore, in this section, we will try to answer some of those questions. However, we may be able to answer only a few of those questions.

But to help our readers as much as possible we have tried to stick with the basic yet significant questions. This question concerns the salary of the teachers in particular. So, if you want to know more about these questions then read the following contents.

1. What is the starting salary of a teacher in the UK?
This question is quite hard to answer since there isn’t any fixed starting salary for a teacher. The starting salary of a teacher depends upon the experience and post such as headteacher, assistant, etc.

However, the starting salary of a teacher falls between the range of £25,714 to £125,000 yearly. There can be differences in salary because even job location has quite an effect on the salary.

2. What is the average salary of a high school teacher in the UK?
Across the United Kingdom, there are numerous high schools where teachers are recruited when required. Recruited teachers have been offering quite attractive salaries. And according to our study the high school teachers’ salary in the UK was said to be between £47,900 to £77,700 per year.

3. How much does a junior school teacher earn in the UK?
Teachers of junior schools in the UK certainly have lower salaries than of high school teachers. In the United Kingdom, new entrants and experienced junior school teachers can earn between £25,700 to £37,300.

4. Cities with high Teachers’ salaries in the UK?
Well the salary of teachers in the UK differs from region to region. And it also differs based on their experience. However, teachers of junior school or high school have been found to record higher salaries in London, Inner, Outer London, and England & Wales than in other regions of the UK.

5. How to become a teacher in the UK?
To become a teacher one must have the following qualifications. To be considered a qualified teacher in a state school in England one must clear or qualify for the Qualified Teachers Status (QST). Completion of post-graduation in initial teachers training (I.T.T) program. You can also qualify with a degree course with QST Included.

To study for ITT, you’ll need these qualifications or their equivalents:

  • English GCSE grade 4.
  • Maths GCSE grade 4.
  • Science GCSE grade 4.

In case you cannot provide the GCSEs, an equivalent level of education is mandatory.

NOTE: The GCSE grade 4 must be at least “C” or higher.

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