Pharmacist Salary UK Hourly, Monthly, Annual Salary United Kingdom

This article offers a complete Pharmacist salary package in the United Kingdom. Starting from the hourly wage to monthly and annual pharmacist salary UK. You can also check the difference in pay among different regions or rather cities across the UK.

Every occupation comes with certain perks and benefits. However, the most important of any profession happens to be the salary. Similarly, being a pharmacist has its own perks. Thus, with the following details know how much does a pharmacist make in the United Kingdom.

According to various sources, the salary of a pharmacist in the UK varies. However, we have come up with the average pharmacist salary in the UK. Depending upon the information we have been able to update the hourly, monthly and annual salary of a pharmacist.

Other than the pharmacist pay details, you can also check out the Pharmacist job description, responsibilities. And you should probably not overlook the qualification required to become a pharmacist in the United Kingdom.

Hourly Pharmacist Salary UK

The hourly wage of a pharmacist in the United Kingdom depends upon various factors. Most importantly, the minimum hourly wage ordinance dictates the basic hourly pay. And there are factors such as the location of the job, employer.

In various regions of the UK, pharmacists receive better hourly wage compared to some low paying regions. In terms of the employer, there are private companies like Tesco Plc, Boots Company PLC with tempting packages.

Basically, what we are trying to point out is that the hourly pay of pharmacist will differ. However, here we want our readers to get a good idea regarding the basic pharmacist hourly pay.

So, to provide rather more accurate information that can be helpful to our readers in the future. Hence, we have come up with a varied pharmacist salary per hour that we obtained through various sources.

Below you can see that we have mentioned the minimum, average and maximum hourly pay. Although the given pay may not be accurate since the salary varies. However, you can just go through the hourly wage of a pharmacist.

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Pharmacist Monthly Pay UK

Following the hourly wage, we want our readers to know about the monthly pharmacist pay in the UK. Even though you can figure out the monthly salary based on the hourly pay. Still, to save your time we included this section.

This section of our article specifically contains information related to the monthly salary of a pharmacist in the UK. Well, there is not of difference in terms of factors that can affect your monthly payment as a pharmacist in the UK.

Factors such as the location of your job, employer, etc. have a significant effect on your salary. For instance, a pharmacist in London tends to record a higher monthly payment than that of Blackburn.

That being said basically the difference margin falls between £3000 to £4000. But in some cases, the difference in salary may go higher than the stated sum. So, it seems to be a good idea to be aware of the possible monthly salary that you may be offered.

Annual Pharmacist Salary United Kingdom

The hourly, weekly and monthly pay finally accumulate to be the annual salary of an individual. Such is also the case for every pharmacist in the United Kingdom. Well, readers certainly are aware of the fact of these aspects.

since we have opted to provide every detail available in terms of salary of pharmacists in different regions of the UK. Thus, to ensure that every reader gets every detail we updated our article with this section.

Talking about the pharmacist annual salary there are some points we would like to shed light upon. Other than the hourly, monthly salary a few factors also make up the annual pay. Factors such as your bonus sum, overtime pay, etc.

In this article, we have been mentioned time and again the effects of certain factors. Hence, let us not go there but rather focus on the topic. But be advised that the salary figures mentioned below only offers a possible pay scale. Payslip View.

Pharmacist Job Profile

Every job comes with specific work demand. In this case, the pharmacists also have certain duties that they must fulfil. Firstly, pharmacy is a medical profession, so it is a profession that demands a lot form a pharmacist.

Being a medical profession there is a huge demand for pharmacists in the United Kingdom. Well, pharmacists mostly get employed in the health care system. Pharmacists get offers from both private and government hospitals.

To understand better the duties and responsibilities of pharmacists you should go through the following point. Following are some of the basic yet most important duties a pharmacist must perform. In short the following sums up the pharmacist job description. However, these are some of the important duties.

  • Providing pharmacological information to the individuals.
  • Dispensing and monitoring drugs are key responsibilities of a pharmacist.
  • Keeping records of the medications and therapies.
  • Pharmacists should also review and interpret physicians order to the patients.
  • Pharmacists should also comply with the regulations set up by the state board of pharmacy.

Pharmacist Education

Individuals who aspire to become a pharmacist one day must first know the criteria to become one. One must work hard to become a certified pharmacist. It also involves a certain level of educational qualifications.

To be eligible for becoming a pharmacist, the following qualifications are required.

  • First, registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is mandatory.
  • To be registered, one must study accredited Masters degree in Pharmacy.
  • Similarly, to enrol for Msc. The pharmacy you must have a three A-B grade A-levels in chemistry and biology, maths or physics.
  • You should also have five GCSEs (grades 9-4/A-C), including English language, maths and science.

There is an alternative through which you can become a pharmacist. To obtain this qualification you must complete the following:

  • Foundation degree in Pharmacy.
  • BTEC, HND or HNC with science.
  • Relevant NVQ course.
  • You also need to have an access-course which should be science-based.

However, to become a registered pharmacist individual must fulfil the following requisites:

  • Pre-registration period of 1 year must be completed in a community is hospital pharmacy.
  • To complete your registration must (pass) the registration exam.


We considered including some of the most frequently asked questions related to pharmacists in the United Kingdom. So, we are hopeful that these questions and their answers can ease your concerns.

Question 1. Cities in the UK with the highest pharmacist salary?

ANS: Here check out the list of top 5 cities that offers higher pay to pharmacists compared to other cities.

  1. London.
  2. Southampton.
  3. Manchester.
  4. Coventry.
  5. Blackburn.

Question 2. How much does an entry-level Pharmacist earn in the UK?

ANS. The salary of an entry-level pharmacist in the UK varies. The salary package is mostly determined by their qualifications. But to give you a rough idea it would be appropriate to assume that pharmacists in the UK earn between 10 to 12 per hour.

Question 3. Companies with highest Pharmacist salary scale UK?

ANS: Several pharma companies offer attractive pay scale to qualified and experienced pharmacists. Here are some of the top companies that offer high pharmacist salary.

  • East London NHS Foundation Trust Pharmacist:£58,056 per year
  • Barts Health NHS Trust Pharmacist: £57,100 per year.
  • London Ambulance Service NHS Trust: £60,500.per year.
  • Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: £51,000 per year
  • Guys and St. Thomas NHS Foundation: £54,500 per year

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