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Abacus payroll software receives the request from employees and produces output. If you request for payslip then you able to receive it from the Abacus payroll portal. To check your earnings and deductions Abacus employees always look at their payslips. In this article, I am sharing about Abacus ptronline.co.uk online web portal.

Here in this article, I am talking about the Abacus payslip portal to describe: 

  • How does it work?
  • Why are Abacus employees using Abacus online portal?
  • How to open the epayslip from Abacus software.
  • How to register on the Abacus payslip portal.

The Abacus E-pay solution is available all time to show your weekly/ monthly income reports.

Abacus bathroom manufacturing group Ltd uses the Pay As You Earn(PAYE) system before depositing the final salary in an employee’s bank account. To see the soft copy of the salary slip workforce uses the Abacus payroll to check and save the weekly and monthly digital salary statement.

How does it work? Abacus payroll report update weekly/ monthly with the employee’s payslip pdf. The Abacus payroll portal works online, without internet connectivity portal will not work. One more thing is that employees’ login data must be registered on the Abacus payroll database.

Employees, whether they are employed in any company want to get their payroll legwork to see the official salary increments, and deductions and also collect them for further uses.

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Wages slip is also a most important document for every employee that is a detailed description of employees salary and works as employment proof(I was or I am an employee of that company).

Abacus Payslips Online Login @www.ptronline.co.uk

The login process on the Abacus payroll website is required for all those employees who want to compose the digital payslips, update respective details, print vital documents, etc.

Enter your correct user id, password, select company(Abacus Recruitment), token(if required) for actual sign-in, or to check how much you pay this month or week.

Abacus employees are free to log in 24*7 hours on the Abacus Payroll portal to view and print old and present payslips at any place with the help of fast internet service.

Step 1. Type or copy-paste https://www.ptronline.co.uk/ this URL on your google browser.

Step 2. Now you see a sign-in form, you need to fill it in carefully, all details are required.

Abacus Payslips
Abacus Payslips

Step 3. Enter your user-id, password, select company, and token (not required for mobile workers or clients).

Step 4. Click on the Sign-in button.

Step 5. Now your profile will open on your system screen. Go to my pay section to view, and print the present and historic payslips.

Abacus Online Payslips Login Password Reset

For employees who have forgotten the Abacus payroll software login password, this heading is specially made for you. In this heading, I’m going to share the best-known path to reset a new password quickly.

  • Simply search www.ptronline.co.uk on your system web browser.
  • Now you will see a Sign-in form on your system screen.
  • Click on the Forgotten Password available at the bottom of the sign-in form.
  • On the forgotten password form, enter your user id, company, date of birth, national insurance number(NIN), Postcode, enter a new password, and repeat it to confirm the password field.
  • Now click on the reset password button.
  • Hereafter you will receive a mail on associate mail address for verification. Verify your mail to reset the Abacus login password.

How to register on the Abacus payroll portal?

If you are an Abacus mobile worker and not registered on Abacus payroll software, then you can register yourself online. I am going to share the first visit registration step-by-step process for you. Let’s see how to register!

  1. At first, go to the Abacus payroll portal(ptronline.co.uk).
  2. Click on “First Visit Registration” green color clickable text.
  3. Now you will see a registration form. you can also register in your local branch is clearly described at the top of the form so, please do it.
  4. Now enter the date of birth, national insurance number, postcode, new password, and confirm password.
  5. Hereafter click on the submit button.


What do the Abacus payslips show?
Abacus payslip shows various things like employer details, employee details, income or wages, and deductions. Cash salary, overtime, commission, travel allowance, fuel, etc added to your salary, and medical aid, trade unions, loans, insurances, Taxes, deducted from your salary.

What is a user id?
User Id is different-different for the Mobile worker or client. If you are a mobile worker then your user id contains the company prefix and your payroll number. Before login into your account, you must be registered either on the Abacus payroll site or in your branch. Whereas if you are a client then your user id and password will be printed on your last payslip/invoice.

What is a token?
A token generates a number when the user login into the abacus portal. This token is for security purposes. If you are a mobile worker or a client you will not need a token.

What is a payslip?
Payslip is also called salary receipt which shows your monthly weekly salary reports by separating the earnings and deductions of your income.

What is PAYE?
PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn. PAYE is a system used by HMRC to collect taxes and insurance.

About Abacus

Abacus manufacturing group limited delivered the bathroom products and provide Abacus elements wetroom. Bathroom furniture, tiles, heating solution, brassware, sanitary system, and ware, waterproofing system, and splashbacks are the world-class products of Abacus.


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